About Fitness Coach Daniel

Daniel Mulholland is a fitness expert changing the life of hundreds of individuals who seek improvement in and outside of exercise. 


“I got into fitness at an early age when i joined a local boxing club. It sparked my competitive side and i was my biggest competitor. I have dipped my toe in every type of training, from Olympic lifting, Body building, Crossfit and most recently have found myself learning Callisthenics while mixing it with Weightlifting.


I pursued my fitness passion back in 2009 enrolling in a HND Health & Fitness college course. Teaching me the fundamental skills of becoming a fitness expert. I entered the industry with an insatiable desire to improve and change live’s for the better. 


I’ve loved helping others for as long as I can remember, so thought why not make a career out of it. Fitness is something that comes easy to me as I truly enjoy it, I wake up and know leading a healthy lifestyle is the right thing to do… so I do! 


I currently utilise the Pure Gym East Kilbride facility for personal clients, but help hundreds of clients on different online platforms to achieve the same results. 


I believe in health over beauty, although a healthy inside shines through.”


Daniel Mulholland.


Talk to Daniel today and see how he can help you transform your life!